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Wizard of the Upper Amazon Cover
The Emerald Forest movie
Rio Tigre and Beyond Cover

These two books by F. Bruce Lamb are quite interesting to read. I called Bruce in the early 90s to tell him I really enjoyed Wizard of the Upper Amazon . He was retired and living in New Mexico. He told me how he came to write the book and that there was a second book he had written, Rio Tigre and Beyond, which I immediately went out and bought. The 1985 movie The Emerald Forest has shades of this book in it. Excellent reading to get you out of a northern mindset.

The 1985 movie The Emerald Forest was visually very pleasing, and fun to watch. I met someone that had gone to the Amazon during the 60s when he was in the U.S. Peace Corp. He showed me slides of villages that looked pretty much like the one shown in the movie. The Internet Movie Database web site claims the movie was based on a true story.

I first learned of John Perkins in 1996 when I met him at the Omega Institute. I was there to do a week long workshop in music and healing with Don Campbell, and happened to attend the evening intro John did. I also lucked out and had lunch with him one day. Someone in Ann Arbor had done a workshop with him and helped to sponsor his bringing ten South American shaman to the USA in the Fall of 1999.

Within a few weeks of its release , Confessions of an Economic Hit Man landed on The New York Times Bestseller List, then 19 other bestseller lists including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post . The author has been interviewed repeatedly on national radio and television shows, including Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, CSPAN's Book TV, and PBS' Now with David Brancaccio. And now the book is being published in 9 languages around the world. According to John Perkins, "It is accomplishing an important objective in inspiring people to think and talk and to know that we can change the world."

Shape Shifting book cover The World is as You Dream It cover Confessions of an Economic Hit Man cover

Eve Bruce, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon that is bridging the gap between shamanism and allopathic medicine. She is part of the DreamChange organization, and was part of the 1999 A Gathering of Shamans that was in Ann Arbor. She worked closely with John Perkins and

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Anything Can Be Healed Improve Your Vision

Martin Brofman was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in the mid-70s. Not knowing if he had only months to live, he learned to live in the moment. When you’ve got nothing to lose, you can try anything! He was fortunate to have met the right people to guide him in his journey of healing. He managed to rid himself of his cancer, and accidently healed his vision. I met him in the early 80s at a course to heal vision. My vision was 20/20, but I was curious to learn of other peoples experiences. Martin is now in Switzerland teaching healing. You can learn more about him at his web site by clicking here.


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